“Baby” diaper cream by «Boro Рlus» | Client “EMAMI RUSSIA LLC”

 Label design / Packaging Design

Our branding agency, Hot Idea, presents to you the design crafted for the new product line, “Baby,” by “Boro Plus,” a well-known skincare pharmaceutical brand.

With meticulous attention to detail, we have developed the label for “Baby” diaper cream, specifically formulated for infants aged 0+. Our aim was to capture the brand expertise of “Boro Plus” in the field of baby skincare, while conveying a sense of gentleness and care.

To achieve this, we have chosen subdued light shades of lavender/lilac that create an ambiance of comfort and tranquility. The use of white further emphasizes the purity and freshness, underscoring the safety of our product.

Thus, we have successfully incorporated the core DNA of the “Boro Plus” brand while establishing a distinct style for the Baby product line. We have strived to maintain the seriousness and reliability associated with pharmaceutical brands, while keeping the imagery on the labels minimal to emphasize the naturalness and safety of the product.

Our team is confident that our design harmonizes seamlessly with the product and will captivate the target audience’s attention. We take pride in our work and believe that our contribution to the creation of the “Baby” line by “Boro Plus” will make the skincare experience for your little ones even more extraordinary and delightful.