WELLUM irrigators | Client Individual Entrepreneur Stepanov

Packaging / logo design


Hot Idea has developed packaging design for irrigators under the new brand WELLUM. In working on this case, we focused on simplicity and minimalism. The front side of the packaging features a prominent image of the product itself. This immediately captures the consumer’s attention and provides a clear representation of the packaging contents.

Specially designed infographics captivatingly highlight the advantages of the irrigators, from 360-degree rotating nozzles to convenient storage caps for attachments and many other interesting device features.

The WELLUM logo, also created by our agency, is a vivid example of simplicity and readability. We took a circle as the foundation of the logo, symbolizing harmony and unity, and incorporated a stylish letter “W” in its core. This symbol perfectly reflects the functionality and attractiveness of the brand, inviting you into the world of professional self-care.

To ensure clear differentiation between models, we decided to package the black irrigator in an elegant dark design, while opting for a fresh and light style with delicate blue elements for the white model. This simple approach emphasizes the individuality of each device in the product line and lends the packaging an expert appearance.