Premium-class line of dermal fillers | Client: Beauty Forum Swiss

Packaging Structure Development /
Package design with a complex finish

A significant creative challenge for HOT IDEA was the development of packaging for a premium-class line of dermal fillers. The highly effective product with an exclusive patented formula required the creation of upscale, eye-catching, and functional packaging.

The first step involved creating a box-case construct with a magnetic closure and a reliable foam insert. This design ensures the secure storage of filler syringes and easy opening and closing of the packaging.

For the second step, we embarked on the design development. Our task was to unify three distinct products into a single line while considering that the products differ in composition and intensity of effect. The initial letters of the logos for each of the three products became key elements that provide differentiation within the line and add uniqueness and style to the packaging. The black background of the HYALINE brand packaging underscores its status as the most intense product in the series. The fillers under the ESSENTHYAL and SUBTIL brands are less intense in composition, and therefore, we opted for a white background for them.

The minimalist design emphasizes the concept of a medical injection product while avoiding a dry “pharmaceutical” style.